About U

This tool is meant to be used as a means of reflection to help define your unique purpose.

Identifying our purpose is not easy. Defining clear and direct solutions can be challenging. Otto Scharmer, a professor of psychology at MIT, refers to some of these challenges as “blind spots”. Blind spots create a lack of self-awareness which affects our interactions with social and natural environments.

Exploring and illuminating these blind spots through a change of perspectives in time and viewpoints of others can help to shift our consciousness from an ego-system awareness (narrow perspectives) to an eco-system awareness (broad perspectives).

The following questionnaire can help in the exploration of your blind spots. It usually takes around 45 minutes to write down your personal answers to the 18 questions. It is often useful to revisit your answers every few weeks. This will allow you to assess progress and to readjust your goals as needed.

This section draws inspiration from Theory U by Otto Scharmer.
For more information, please visit the following website: www.presencing.org



Look at yourself from outside as if you were another person: What are the 3 most important challenges or tasks that your life (work and non-work) currently presents?



Write down 3 important facts about yourself. What are the important accomplishments you have achieved or competencies you have developed in your life?


Emerging Self

What 3 important aspirations, areas of interest, or undeveloped
talents would you like to place more focus on in your future journey (examples:
writing a novel or poems; starting a social movement; taking your current work
to a new level)?



What about your current work and/or personal life frustrates you the most?



What are your most vital sources of energy? What do you love?


Inner Resistance

What is currently holding you back? Describe 2 or 3 recent situations (in your work or personal life) when you noticed one of the following three voices kicking in, preventing you from exploring the situation you were in more deeply: Voice of Judgement, Voice of Cynicism, and Voice of Fear.



What new trends, themes and developments are occurring to you now? In their occurrence, have you noticed any new aspects of our Self over the past couple of days and weeks?


Your Community

Who makes up your community, and what are their highest hopes in regard to your future journey? Choose 3 people with different perspectives (perhaps family/friend, academic/work related, and mentor). What might you hope for if you were in their shoes and looking at your life through their eyes?