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Fundamental transformations are needed now, to transition us to a sustainable existence, i.e. one which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It sounds simple, and it is. From small lifestyle changes to reduce your impact, to education on irreversible resource use in supply chains of your everyday products and services, you will be surprised at what you might learn. If you are eager to play a more integral part in this transition explore opportunities to be part of businesses driving this transition, or if you are up for the challenge explore ways to start your own.


What impact will you choose to have?







The platform

Sustainance is a place for vibrant exchange of information, thoughts and refreshing perspectives on contemporary and meaningful environmental and societal matters. Guided by our 3 pillars, you are encouraged to create your very own journey towards becoming an expert in disciplines that redefine the way in which we treat our planet – and ultimately ourselves.


of all food produced is lost or wasted every year (UN)


of people live in places where air quality exceeds safe levels (WHO)


of water globally contains microplastics (ORB)

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